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Saturday, July 16, 2005

US charges 11 soldiers with alleged abuse of detainees;

Sameer N. Yacoub

Canadian Press

Saturday, July 16, 2005

In a statement Saturday, the U.S. military said the charges against the 11 troops, who were not identified, were filed Wednesday following a complaint by another soldier that "other soldiers had allegedly assaulted some suspected terrorists."

"None of the insurgents required medical treatment for injuries related to the alleged assault," the statement added. "Only one of the suspected terrorists remains in custody of coalition forces at this time."

The statement said the soldiers were assigned to the Army's Task Force Baghdad but gave no further details. The statement said the Army's Criminal Investigation Division had begun an investigation, which will determine whether the troops will face trial by court martial.

"Allegations of illegal activities will always be thoroughly investigated," said Lt. Col. Clifford Kent, a Task Force Baghdad spokesman. "The unit involved has been pulled off line to complete the inquiry and retraining."




Blogger Christy said...

This is bullshit..

no info on anything BUT YET they just jump up and arrest ELEVEN soldiers... ? No freaking way, something wicked in the works

16/7/05 11:00 AM  

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