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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Will they ever trust us again? Letters from the War Zone

Soldier Letters Archive

If you want to impress me, go to Baghdad."

Dear Michael Moore:

I must say that you are always on point. I am a soldier serving in Iraq and till this day we still don’t know why we are here.

I sit and watch television and the bull shit that our leaders are feeding to the people on a daily basis. How can you be a President and spend over 800 billions of dollars destroying and rebuilding another country when we need help in our own country? How do you live with yourself knowing that innocent soldiers are dying every day just for you?

Majority of the troops here don’t even have missions, all they do is check people identification cards going into the PX or Hajji Bazaars or cooks working in airports or laundry room because they have civilian caterers to work in the dinning facilities. We are separated from our family, kids, husbands, wives and friends for a year just for the white house to look good. So our leaders can say “Yes we were the ones that destroyed and rebuild this country spending over 800 billions of dollars and we have veterans that have served their country, lost their legs, arms and their lives to be homeless, eating in shelters and no one gives a dam.

But what’s really gets under my skin is that we are over here fighting for $250.00 extra on our pay check for hazard pay or 225 dollars extra for being away from your families and you pay athletes, entertainers and singers billions of dollars to perform. If it was not for people like us that provide that freedom and give up our lives for that freedom that why are we paid so much less to be in harms way?

Oh yeah, I forgot they raised the life insurance from 250,000 to 400,000 when I die that will really benefit me a lot.

Mr. Bush, why are you wondering why people are getting out of the military regardless of the bonus money that you are throwing their way and why are you forcing soldiers to stay in the army past their time without any say so? I prefer Clinton any day, true he was getting his freak on in the White House, but who hasn’t and if they said they didn’t they would be lying.

This is the worst leadership in the history of leading and to get on national television telling lies about “They are doing so much over here” is pathetic. How would you know if you only visit places that are not in any type of danger? What is going on in Kuwait? Nothing. If you want to impress me, go to Baghdad where there is suicide bombings everyday where soldiers are dying. Not where you can give a concert and feel good about yourself? You should have known that if you and your brother manipulate the voting system that will stop you from doing the same to the world.

To be honest a lot of military personnel do not have any thing good to say about this Commander in Chief, he has proven to the world that he is truly the biggest fraud that the world has seen

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