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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Our image abroad: "The Lying States of America -- its more B.S. from the good ole LSA."

Aug. 24, 2006 -- WMR reporting from Europe today.

Our image abroad: "The Lying States of America -- its more B.S. from the good ole LSA."

Forget all the talk about how people abroad may not like the Bush administration but still respect the American people. It's just not true. And because of a few well publicized sports doping cases involving American athletes and a belief that George W. Bush is not the only person in the U.S. government who has a problem with telling the truth, the USA is now considered to be the LSA -- the Lying States of America.

Two American track and field runners -- Justin Gatlin and Marion Jones -- have been caught in doping tests after denying they had used performance-enhancing drugs. Ditto for Tour de France winner Floyd Landis, whose denials about doping are not supported by test results. These cases point to a widespread belief by Europeans and others that America is now a place where people will do anything to win -- whether in global politics or sports. And if lying is necessary, Americans are perfectly willing to do that also.

This all suggests that years and years of work of American diplomats, military men and women, Peace Corps volunteers, and citizen ambassadors in trying to present a favorable view of the United States to the peoples of other countries is now down the drain -- thanks to the neocon-adopted Machiavellian tenet that the "ends justify the means."

But its not only the Bush administration and U.S. sports figures who remind people abroad that the United States is a nation of liars and half truth tellers. They only have to compare the propaganda emanating from CNN and compare it to their own news sources to realize that American lying and prevarication are now institutionalized in so-called news broadcasts. Middle East and other global coverage on CNN International is dominated by Christiane Amanpour, whose husband is Jamie Rubin, a "neocon-lite" political ort from the Clinton administration.

Considering CNN's political agenda, there is little wonder that the network's recent report on former New York Stock Exchange head Dick Grasso was favorable -- and that the description of New York Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer, who took on Grasso's obscene financial compensation package, was far less so. As a footnote, CNN mentioned that Grasso was close to Madeleine Albright -- but forgot to mention that she was Rubin's boss at the UN and State Department.

And CNN also shows that it is perfectly willing to do the lying on behalf of American client states. CNN International is advertising a segment called "Inside Africa." Its sponsor is the government of Uganda -- a dictatorship supported by U.S. military and economic aid money.

The Bush administration is now requiring biometric chips in U.S. passports. Perhaps it would have been a better idea to require a special passport page showing the results of Americans' polygraph tests.

Now comes word from U.S. News and World Report that President Bush enjoys telling fart jokes and regales new White House assistants with his anal outbursts. Not news to Europeans -- they already know that Bush is full of hot air and methane.
Bush, who lies about war and matters of state, takes credit for a rectal outburst to the amusement of his sycophantic aides.



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