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Friday, August 04, 2006

Spontaneous human explosion


Watching the Democrats spin the Israeli massacre of the Lebanese people is like watching a spectator to an altercation between a 200-pound man and a six-year-old girl. The man keeps knocking the girl down, but she gamely gets up, only to be knocked down again. Gradually, as she struggles more and more to get up, it becomes apparent that he is killing her. Nevertheless, the spectator, Mr. Democrat, claims to be completely oblivious to what is going on, as witness his series of comments: * She must have done something to provoke him; * Look, she held up her arm to defend herself, it’s obviously a fair fight; * These issues are too complicated for any outside observer to understand; * We have to let them work out their own problems (although the man is using American brass knuckles supplied with the approval of Mr. Democrat); * There are thousands of years of conflict behind this, and we have no role to play; * It all comes down to 'He said, she said’; who knows who is right and who is wrong? Of course, the analogy is faulty, as we would have to add that the 200-pound man’s brother, Mr. Israel Lobby, is standing beside Mr. Democrat handing him one hundred dollar bills, and whispering, "You won’t get any more unless you support the man"...

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