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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bush tells Couric regrets Abu Ghraib, 'Bring it on' comment

Well he certainly brought it on, the Iraqis gave him his wish, the only thing wrong with this little sinario is, that the people of America allowed an immoral gang of thieves and thugs into the White House, to do the job of MEN AND WOMEN WHO NEEDED INTEGRITY AND MORALTY to lead the Leading Nation of the Free World.

Published: Thursday September 7, 2006

President Bush told new CBS anchor Katie Couric during a taped interview that he regretted the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib and some comments he made the past few years including "Bring it on."

"When you look back on the last five years, President Bush, is there anything that you wish you had done differently?" asked Couric.

"Yeah," replied Bush. "I mean, I wish, for example, Abu Ghraib didn't happen. That was a stain on our nation's character and it sent a signal about who we're not to a lot of people around the world."

"I probably could have watched my language a little better, you know," added Bush.

Couric asked, "And in terms of saying --"

"'Bring it on,' for example," replied Bush. "Sometimes I try to explain myself in plain terms and sometimes the terms are too plain."

Bush's exact words during a White House press conference in July of 2003 were actually "bring them on" in regards to Iraqi insurgents still fighting US troops.

Full transcript of interview:


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