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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Malcom Lagauche

For a few days after the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the press had a field day in analyzing and editorializing the incident as well as Saddam himself. Most were writing well out of their league and their ignorance of history shows. But, most readers do not know the history either, so their words are taken as true. Many articles stated that justice was not done because Saddam was hanged for a lesser crime than the major ones assessed against him. The "progressive" writers wanted to see him tried for the gassing incidents so they could tie together U.S. involvement in the "misdeeds" of Saddam Hussein. Article-after-article mentioned Rumsfeld’s visit to Iraq in the 1980s and said the U.S. gave Iraq the technology for Saddam’s WMD. However, not one questioned the reason for the war. They all blamed it on Saddam and wrote as if Iran was a benign and aggrieved country...

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