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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Iraq That George Built

Citizens For Legitimate Government

...Bush and Cheney have more than decimated Iraq. That is, in a country of 26 million people, Bush and Cheney have killed directly, caused the deaths indirectly, or caused the evacuation, of over four million people. That is, over 15% of the population has been cut up, root and branch, from the nation. Focusing on two people, a doctor and spouse, CNN tells the story of far too many Iraqis. Abtan, a doctor, fled to Jordan to avoid certain decapitation. He has lost ten relatives and four friends to violent death, "including two doctors murdered at work. His wife has lost three relatives. They have no plans to return to Iraq anytime soon, but they want better lives now." Further, those fleeing Iraq are, like Abtan, of the professional class consisting of doctors, lawyers, engineers and professors seeking work elsewhere. In other words, Iraq is undergoing a literal brain drain, with the intelligentsia either losing their heads or becoming cells of a national intelligence hemorrhaging, leaving only the most rabid lunatics and their helpless victims behind. The country has actually lost its mind. This is the Iraq that George built...

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