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Friday, April 13, 2007

3 soldiers killed near Baghdad

Source: Associated Press

3 soldiers killed near Baghdad

Updated 1h 30m ago

BAGHDAD (AP) — Three U.S. soldiers and two Iraqi translators were
killed in two attacks south of Baghdad, the military said on Friday.
Eight soldiers were wounded.

In the worst of the two attacks Thursday, two soldiers were killed
and seven wounded in an attack on their base south of the capital.
The two Iraqi interpreters died in that attack.

The military statement said U.S. forces dispatched a quick reaction
force and attack helicopters to relieve the unit.

In a second attack Friday, the military said, one soldier was killed
and one wounded in a roadside bombing, also south of Baghdad.

The names of those killed and wounded were withheld until family
could be notified, the military said.



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