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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Silence of Sheep...

Layla Anwar, An Arab Woman Blues
I intuitively understood that Hassan Ali Al-Majeed was either being executed, about to be executed or already dead. I checked newswires but could not find anything except an article on al-Jazeerah stating that Al Hassan Al Majeed is to be executed soon, in the coming days... Why do I have a feeling it's already a done job? Maybe it is those eyes staring at me... The puppet government waited for after the Eid period...so as not to "fumble" it like they did the first, second, third and fourth time... Another Iraqi hanged. Another true Iraq hanged. And not one word... They called him "chemical" Ali. Should I call you "criminal" Americans, or "depleted uranium" Americans and Brits ? Or maybe I should call you "torturer, driller" Iranians, or maybe "cluster, phosphorus bombs" Israelis... The one with no sin should cast the first stone... Come forward if you can, if you dare. That includes you too, so called "Iraqis." Show me your innocent hands. Show me the hands who were not dipped in ink. Not tainted in any blood and above all show me your pockets...


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