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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Grace Is Gone!!!!!! Female Troops In Iraq

John Bruhns
Last evening I watched Grace is Gone starring John Cusack. A powerful film about a man who upon learning of his wife's death in Iraq, struggles to convey the devastating news to his two young daughters. In my opinion this film should be required viewing for the American people -- especially supporters of the war in Iraq who have no loved ones serving.
Grace is Gone is a story about a family pained by the death of a female soldier, I can't help myself not to reflect back to night of October 26, 2003 in the Abu Ghraib market. A night that I would very much like to forget -- it is not that I don't want to -- it is that I can't


In the end, all I can do is honor them both.
This was written as a
recognition of all women who wear the uniform. I know that female troops don't want to be recognized by their gender -- they're members of America's armed forces -- first and foremost. But this is the very first war that women are fighting side by side with men up close and personal with the enemy.
In addition, these women have more courage and intestinal fortitude than most men in America. Especially the
cowards who support the continued war in Iraq while they stay home. They justify their lack of service by standing on a street corner waiving the flag and simultaneously spewing neocon rhetoric -- the epitome of the worst element in American society. (I couldn't help but to factor that in).
The moral and main point of this story is that I am so very honored to have served with PFC Bosveld, wishing I could have known Specialist Piestewa, and it was inspired by the film Grace is Gone.
(I know this is not my most well written piece, but my thoughts were racing faster than I could keep up with).


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