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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ed Schultz: "Cheney Wants This Country To Get Hit Again For Political Gain"

"I think Cheney is that mean."
MSNBC's newest host Ed Schultz isn't afraid to lob fastballs at Dick Cheney, especially now that the former veeps's new-found career appears to be attacking the Obama administration.
Schultz took it to another level on Tuesday night when he looked straight into the camera and declared that Dick Cheney is "mean" enough to wish a new attack on the US for "political gain." Schultz says this about two minutes and fifty-nine seconds into the interview. Watch it below:
"I think that Dick Cheney wants this country to get hit again for political gain. I believe that he thinks, in his mind, that if we can think, make them think - the enemy - that if we're weak, because Obama can't stand up for us, we're gonna get hit. And then of course we can paint the picture that the Democrats just can't get the job done on national security. I think Cheney is that mean." LinkHere

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