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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MoveOn Torture Ad Highlights Cheney For Prosecution

MoveOn.org is set to launch an aggressive new ad campaign calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the use of torture during the Bush administration and even raising the specter of targeting former Vice President Dick Cheney.
The ad, to premier on the web and blasted out to the group's five million members, is the strongest push yet from the progressive group on this front. Set to a dark voice, the narrator asks whether a double standard is in place in terms of who has been punished for the authorization and use of torture.
"If you torture an individual detainee, you might go to jail," the script reads, with footage of Lynndie England, the former United States Army reservist involved in the abuses at Abu Ghraib. "But if you authorize an entire secret torture program, you get off scot-free?" LinkHere

Bush Administration Ignored Military's Strong Opposition To Torture Program

On Tuesday, President Obama reassured CIA agents that if they interrogated prisoners within the "four corners" of the legal authority given by the Bush administration then they needn't fear prosecution.
But a Senate report released on Tuesday night shows that those four corners were constructedafter the torture program had begun and were set so that they would encompass the program, rather than the program being built within pre-established legal guidelines. Memos previously released by the Obama administration confirm that the legal analysis was built around the practice and that for a time the torture took place without those "four corners" in place.
The report shows that there was strong opposition to those four corners -- which were established by Bush administration and justice department lawyers -- from the military, which argued that the behavior it purported to justify was illegal. The administration squashed that debate and eventually spread the illegal interrogation tactics from Guantanamo to Afghanistan, Iraq and secret prisons scattered around the globe.

Bob Graham: Bush Criminal Prosecutions Should Be On The Table


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