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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iranian Artists in Exile: An Open Letter to the World

Iranian Artists in Exile: An Open Letter to the World
The video below is passed along by reader Lili. It is powerful, but perhaps not as much as the note she wrote accompanying it: The [video] is important because it is a very eloquent communication indicating how many members of the worldwide Iranian diaspora community feel and it is important to share this message with the world whose attention is currently fixated on the Iranian plight. I am an Iranian by birth whose family fled Iran 30 years ago as a result of the 1979 revolution and have not set foot back in Iran due to the political situation which makes it impossible to do so for me and my family. Now, as an adult, I am witnessing these events which are awakening within me feelings that I didn't know I had or didn't know the extent to which they were present and I feel compelled to speak up for all of my fellow Iranians, as well as for all members of the human family who are being oppressed throughout the world, to make sure that their struggle is not in vain. Here's the Iranian Artists in Exile Facebook page.

"EMERGENCY MEETING" Top Clerical Group That Can Unseat Khamenei Reportedly Summoned... "The Very Foundation Of The Islamic Republic Is Up In The Air Right Now"

2:01 AM ET -- Aslan: Rafsanjani calls "emergency" meeting of Assembly of Experts. If true, this is a bombshell. Appearing on CNN last night (video below), Iran expert Reza Aslan reported this:

There are very interesting things that are taking place right now. Some of my sources in Iran have told me that Ayatollah Rafsanjani, who is the head of the Assembly of Experts -- the eighty-six member clerical body that decides who will be the next Supreme Leader, and is, by the way, the only group that is empowered to remove the Supreme Leader from power -- that they have issued an emergency meeting in Qom.

Now, Anderson, I have to tell you, there's only one reason for the Assembly of Experts to meet at this point, and that is to actually talk about what to do about Khamenei. So, this is what I'm saying, is that we're talking about the very legitimacy, the very foundation of the Islamic Republic is up in the air right now. It's hard to say what this is going to go.

Aslan's scoop is also reported by the Farsi-language Rooyeh.

The reader in Iran who tipped me off to this sent a follow-up note:

jesus christ dude,

I'm [in my 30s]

and never thought of it, let alone witnessing it as it unfolds.

I'm going nuts.


An informed Iranian-American had a different take. "I think Rafasanjani is not going to ask for Khamenei's removal, but is bluffing to force Khamenei to drop support of Ahmadinejad." Here's video:

1:45 AM ET -- Never saw this in Sturgis. A rally in Isfahan, Iran on Monday, led by a crew of bikers.


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