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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Roger Friedman Files $5.2 Million Lawsuit Against Fox News

Fired Fox News entertainment columnist Roger Friedman filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Fox News, News Corp, 20th Century Fox and Rupert Murdoch in New York State Supreme Court Monday, the Huffington Post has learned.
In the suit, Friedman seeks $5,180,000 in damages for wrongful termination, tortious interference, and libel defamation.
Friedman was fired in April after reviewing a copy of 20th Century Fox blockbuster "Wolverine" that had leaked online, a move seen as an implicit endorsement of piracy.
Friedman, who now writes for the Hollywood Reporter, is expected to allege that the piracy incident was an excuse to fire him, and that News Corp really bowed to pressure from Scientologists, who had been seeking his dismissal over columns critical of Scientology. LinkHere
Fox News Run by Scientologist Leader
What would you say if you found out that a major source of American news is run by a cult leader?
Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox Television Stations, is an OT VIII Scientologist (the highest member level attainable).
In addition to maintaining "fair and balanced" reporting at Fox News, Ailes also has a considerable political history: Ailes served as a media consultant to Bush Senior and Ronald Reagan during their presidencies. He also did work for President Richard M. Nixon, staging events and selecting audiences.
In additon to these achievements, Ailes will also be remembered for persuading Rush Limbaugh to make the jump from radio to television (Ailes, in 1991, served as executive producer of Limbaugh's late-night show).
From an alleged account by an OTVII Scientologist, who talks of his association with Ailes:
There is one level VIII per major facility and 2 in the PAC base. I know them both intimately, as I have spent the majority of the past 3 years under their close supervision. One man is Roger Eugene Ailes, the president of Fox News. The other is Dick Ackerman, representative of California’s 33rd district. I don’t see Roger as often, he’s a very busy man. Dick I’ve spend the most time with.
Did Scientologists Pressure FOX News to Fire Roger Friedman?
(ChattahBox)—Roger Friedman, former Fox News entertainment columnist, was fired last month after his review of a pirated Internet copy of 20th Century Fox’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine and now he is fighting back, claiming the controversial Church of Scientology pressured Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. to fire him.
Friedman hired colorful trial attorney, Martin Garbus, who last represented Don Imus, to file a wrongful termination suit against News Corp. and plans to detail the undue influence Hollywood Scientologists have over media outlets that dare to criticize them.
Friedman says firing him for video piracy was just a “cover” and that pressure from the Church of Scientology is the real reason for his ouster.
Friedman claims his troubles with Scientologists go back to a recent run in he had with Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta, both Scientologists, at the funeral of musician Isaac Hayes who was a Scientologist as well. Preston supposedly shouted at Friedman, upset with his columns critical of Scientology, calling him a “religious bigot.”
A month later, according to a friend of Friedman’s, Preston took her complaints about Friedman directly to Fox News chief Roger Ailes and VP John Moody. She spoke to Moody on the phone demanding that Friedman be fired.
After that phone conversation, Ailes and Moody agreed to a meeting between Preston and Scientology spokesman, Tommy Davis. Soon after, Friedman began to notice the unseen hand of the Church of Scientology in editorial decisions. A source claims Friedman’s editors forbid him from writing about the death of Preston’s son, Jett. LinkHere


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