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Monday, July 06, 2009

New GOP "Racist" Headache

Surprise, Surprise
After "Barack the Magic Negro" and other GOP racial gaffes, a top Young Republican official—who hopes to be elected chairman Saturday—laughs at a racial slur about President Obama. The Daily Beast's John Avlon on a choice facing GOP brass: Lose the radical fringe, or never email, use social media or send out holiday CDs again.
Note to Republicans: Racist “humor,” the Internet, and political ambitions don’t mix. Audra Shay, vice chairman of the Young Republicans and the leading candidate to be elected its chairman on Saturday, is now the latest in a growing list of GOP officials learning this lesson the hard way, based on pictures of a now-deleted Facebook page obtained by The Daily Beast.

“This is still America… freedom of speech and thought is still allowed… for now any ways… and the last time i checked I was a good ole southern boy… and if yur ass is black don’t let the sun set on it in a southern town…”

On Wednesday, Shay—a 38-year-old Army veteran, mother, and event planner from Louisiana who has been endorsed by her governor, Bobby Jindal—was holding court on her Facebook page, initiating a political conversation by posting that “WalMart just signed a death warrant” by “endorsing Obama’s healthcare plan.” At 1:52, a friend named listed as Eric S. Piker, but whose personal page says his actual name is Eric Pike, wrote “It’s the government making us commies… can’t even smoke in my damn car… whats next they going to issue toilet paper once a month… tell us how to wipe our asses…”
Two minutes later, Piker posted again saying “Obama Bin Lauden [sic] is the new terrorist… Muslim is on there side [sic]… need to take this country back from all of these mad coons… and illegals.”
Eight minutes after that, at 2:02, Shay weighed in on Piker’s comments: “You tell em Eric! lol.”

I'm getting confused...isn't the republican "Base" supposed to be made up of 100% devout Christians? That's what they're always bragging about. I hadn't realized racist comments were now acceptable. The southern mentality never ceases to amaze me. But go ahead, guys...keep it up. If you would only read something other than Ann Landers and the comics page you would realize whites are becoming more and more the minority.
This means you are contributing to your own destruction.
Which is a good thing.

I thought to myself, "What a perfect running mate for Palin when she throws her hat into the ring in 2012." (And--horrors!--I have NO doubt that she will.)
Little Miss Shay has every bit the intellectual sophistication of Sarah, plus she's got that whole "It's my critics' fault when I screw up/Why does everybody always pick on me" thing down to a tee.


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