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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lawyer who worked with both President Bushes tried to kill wife:

Police say that a former White House lawyer who worked with both President Bushes tried to kill his wife.
"John Michael Farren, 57, of New Canaan, was charged with attempted murder and first-degree strangulation after police received a panic alarm from his home shortly after 10 p.m.," Connecticut's NewsTimes reports. "Farren was arraigned in state Superior Court in Norwalk Thursday. He appeared in court with a large bandage on the right side of his neck and has been placed on suicide watch."
The report adds, "Farren has served as general counsel and vice president of external affairs for Norwalk-based Xerox Corp. and served as Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade under President George H.W. Bush and in the White House counsel's office under President George W. Bush."
Wall Street Journal law blogger Ashby Jones notes,
White House lawyers go on to do a lot of things. The become highly-paid partners at Washington law firms. They go to think tanks. They, like Fred Fielding, reemerge to serve as White House Counsel again. They write memoirs.
John Michael Farren, a lawyer in the Bush (II) White House, might be on his way to doing any of those things. But for now he’s got an issue. A potentially big issue. Farren was charged Thursday with strangulation and attempted murder. Connecticut authorities are claiming that he tried to kill his wife at their Connecticut home by beating her with a flashlight and strangling her.


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