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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ignorant Wanker

My co-worker and I watched an excerpt of this interview on CNN. It was interesting to hear my co-worker(Hispanic) muse, "I wonder how will they treat the first Hispanic president?" I didn't offer a reply, but I thought about it. We see the blantant disrespect they display for our first mixed-race President. We saw the subtle outrage over Ms. Sotomayor's confirmation. There is always going to be a contigent in white America that recents being pulled into a continually diverse United States. I'm quite sure if my co-worker picked up on Baier's lack of respect, there are many out there in the Hispanic/Latino, Asian, LGBT, etc. communities that feel that they would be treated this way if one of their own gained higher office.

VIDEO: Bret Baier Interviewing Obama Vs. Bret Baier Interviewing Bush

Yesterday, Fox News anchor Bret Baier aired his 19-minute exclusive interview with President Obama, where he frequently interjected and interrupted the President. (Raw Story counted 16 such instances.) The right wing gave Baier kudos for the interview, saying he “showed us how a genuine professional TV journalist works.”

Baier’s tenacity, however, seems reserved only for Democratic presidents. His interviews with President Bush were far friendlier, with questions like, “What are you reading now?” and “Do you believe that there hasn’t been a terrorist attack on U.S. soil in more than seven years because of the policies your administration has implemented?”

Today on Fox News, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace defended Baier’s technique, saying that he needed to get in more questions and prevent Obama from “giving talking points.” But Baier had no problem with allowing Bush to give talking points in interviews. ThinkProgress has compiled some moments of Baier’s final interview with Bush versus his recent interview with Obama. Watch it: LinkHere

How soon they forget


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