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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fox News falling out with the Tea Party

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Fox News' Sean Hannity cancels appearance at Tea Party rally

Cincinnati Tea Party: Fox Isn’t Telling The Truth About The Hannity Broadcast

Source: Think ProgressThe CTP is firing back, claiming that Fox News is lying. They said that not only did they work with Fox News staff on logistics for the event, but executives told CTP organizers Hannity wouldn’t be able to tape his show in Cincinnati because of a “personal emergency”:

*****Shortly after the scheduled book signing (which was canceled) Fox News producers onsite informed the Cincinnati Tea Party senior leadership that Mr. Hannity had to rush home for a personal emergency. The Cincinnati Tea Party expressed a statement of support and concern to Hannity and family.

*****The Cincinnati Tea Party received information from local media attributing concerns regarding ticketing to a executive vice president at the Fox News Network. The Cincinnati Tea Party has not been able to confirm the authenticity of this message via a source this statement to any @foxnews.com email or http://www.foxnews.com/ website. Emails and phone calls to network went unanswered until 7:48 p.m. — more than four hours after the scheduled appearance; this source has not yet put it in writing despite our request.

The CTP’s post added that the organization is not profiting from the Hannity event; all ticket proceeds are going to “offset the cost of the event.” LinkHere

Update A tea party activist who attended the Cincinnati rally produced this video to criticize Fox News and Hannity for failing to attend:


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