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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mark Twain's "A lie gets half-way around the world before truth puts on its boots."

Does Limbaugh Matter?
It's Elmer Gantry denouncing sin for Screed Radio to complain about Obama's "character assassination" and opposition to the "majority." Obama's 53 percent election is more than Limbaugh's 3 percent of a radio audience. Should we even bother to answer folks who love America yet hate democracy? Probably.

The dirty secret of the Music Men of talk is that doing well electronically is different than electorally. Limbaugh and Beck surely succeed by the metrics of the media, where a 3 share is a big win. But 3 percent of the vote is not so hot.
Limbaugh recently expressed shock, shock that Obama would criticize him for "vitriol." He countered that the President didn't represent the majority of Americans. Rush does? Let's look at the numbers:
Limbaugh's favorables in numerous polls over time are about 25 percent and his negatives over 50%.
Bush ended his presidency with a 26 percent favorable rating, half of Obama's approximately 50% today.
Obama won the largest majority of the popular vote of any Democrat for President this past century other than Johnson in '68 and FDR.
Democrats control 56 percent and 60 percent of House and of Senate seats respectively -- hence passage of health care. LinkHere


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