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Saturday, April 03, 2010

One to Obama

1. OK but how many other new borns were denied insurance for pre-existing conditions by BC-BS TX et al?
No press coverage = no insurance coverage. USA! USA!
Newborn With Pre-Existing Condition Gets Coverage

Source: ABC News

Insurance Company Offers to Pay for Newborn Caught in Insurance Coverage Gap

April 2, 2010—

Houston Tracy made the rounds on national blogs before he was even a month old.

At 12 days old, he already had survived a rare birth defect, a feeding tube and open-heart surgery.

But his family was in a battle with an insurance company to get his surgeries covered. His parents, Kim and Doug Tracy of Crowley, Texas, didn't have health insurance for themselves. The Tracys said insurance agents assured them they could buy health insurance for Houston once he was born.

But then, Houston's parents found out that the term "pre-existing condition" can apply the moment someone is born.

Doug Tracy, 39, called his congressmen. Then the local news media spread the word.


Soon, Darren Rodgers the C.E.O. of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Texas called Tracy too. Within a few days of negotiations, Tracy said he had a letter from Rodgers that promised to pay for Houston's surgery and offered him insurance coverage. LinkHere


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