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Friday, April 23, 2010


Worried About Reform, Derivatives Conference Participants Seek Refuge At Bondage Club
Financiers, lawyers, traders and accountants gathered this week at the annual International Swaps and Derivatives Association conference here to discuss “Collateralization and Netting — the Impact” and “Systemic Risk: Advances and Challenges in the Wake of the Crisis.”
By Thursday night they needed to put out of their minds the specter of sweeping legislation to regulate the derivatives.
They escaped to Supperclub, a bar and restaurant, where some plopped on the beds that covered the floor while a waiter in denim short shorts, suspenders and a scarf delivered drinks. The truly relaxed turned over on their tummies and received back massages from a dreadlocked member of the Supperclub staff.
By midnight, others ended up in the S & M chamber with a bed-to-ceiling stripper pole and videos of dominatrixes playing in the background.
“They don’t seem nervous,” said Iam Crowley, who also happened to be at the establishment because his girlfriend puts on a burlesque show for the guests.
During more sober and somber conditions at the conference at the posh Fairmont hotel on Nob Hill the next morning, some of these people confessed that they were in fact very nervous about the future of the derivatives industry. LinkHere


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