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Friday, May 28, 2010

How's that whole drill baby drill thing working out for folks, been busy for the past 18 months and was just curious if anyone has an update now that I am back up for air again? I clearly recall the unbridled over the top recitation chants laden with great zeal and 'harrumph' from all those on the right, who BTW also advocated for less Gov't oversight and regulation with follow on insistence about 'let free markets rule' and such. And, after all, 'drill baby drill' was the unofficial continually looping 'mantra' for the Republican convention -- a tag line even supported by a bunch of Southern Blue Dogs?So where we at and how's all this working out for folks? Just curious: seemed a bit full of bravado and, in all honestly, some degree of reck1ess abandon to me, but what do I know, maybe I was wrong so I am happy to admit I was wrong if that's the case. I confess that I was banging a drum beat to 'we must move away from fossil fuels for reasons of independence, economics, environment, and national security' so again, apologies if off target.
Is BP Oil Catastrophe 'Unprecedented'? Hardly.

On Thursday, May 27, Rep. George Miller (D-CA) responded to the myth that this catastrophe was unprecedented and thus unforeseeable: LinkHere

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