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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ex-NYC top cop begins federal prison term in Md.

By JIM FITZGERALD, Associated Press Writer Jim Fitzgerald, Associated Press Writer – 2 hrs 46 mins ago
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Former New York City police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who was proclaimed a hero after the 2001 World Trade Center attacks, reported to federal prison Monday to begin a four-year sentence for tax fraud, lying to the White House and other felonies.
He went behind bars as inmate No. 84888-054 at the Cumberland Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Md., said Felicia Ponce, spokeswoman for the Bureau of Prisons. She said Kerik, 54, reported at about 1:45 p.m., 15 minutes ahead of his deadline.
Before showing up at the prison, the feisty former commissioner issued a statement saying he had been wronged.
In a statement dated Sunday and posted on his website, Kerik said he could not remain silent "in the face of what I believe has been a grave injustice." He complained about the judge and prosecutors and said he pleaded guilty because he was "financially helpless" and could have spent a year behind bars just awaiting trial.
He said he hoped the "injustice" would be remedied on appeal and he would be returned to his wife and his 7- and 10-year-old daughters "much sooner rather than later." LinkHere


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