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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tarryl Clark, Michele Bachmann Challenger, Launches Website: 'Michele Bachmann Said WHAT?!'

Democrat Tarryl Clark, who is vying to unseat Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann in the election for Minnesota's sixth district House seat, has set-up a virtual one-stop shop for the craziest comments the conservative congresswoman has made over the years.
On the new Website, "Michele Bachmann Said WHAT?!", Clark invites her supporters to have some fun with Bachmann's most outrageous remarks -- from charging that health care reform amounts to "gangster government" to falsely claiming that "100% of our economy was private prior to September of 2008."
Visitors to the Clark campaign's new site can choose from any of a number of ways to have a laugh at Bachmann's expense. A "name that quote quiz" tests visitors' knowledge of Bachmann babble and a "sound board" feature offers audio of a selection of controversial quotes from the Tea Party favorite.
The Minneapolis Star Tribune notes that Clark's creation of MicheleBachmannsaidwhat.com is not first time the Democratic candidate has turned to the web to boost her campaign seeking to defeat Bachmann:
It's not Clark's first attempt to go viral -- an adjective often associated with all things Bachmann. She also owns mytengrandphoto.com, a site lampooning Bachmann's fundraiser with Sarah Palin, and has studded her campaign website with custom YouTube videos and an interactive map.


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