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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sweden, Norway Act Against Israel

Yeah, but murder is LEGAL???
Good may every other EU country follow
Note the last paragraph where Israel looks to the protection of international law to prevent the boycott.

Source: Wall Street Journal

International fallout from Israel's bloody boarding of a flotilla offshore Gaza intensified, moving beyond angry denunciation from Israel's foes to protest measures in some Western countries.

In Sweden, dockworkers are set to launch a weeklong boycott of Israeli ships and goods, a union spokesman said Saturday according to Associated Press.

Peter Annerback, a spokesman for the Swedish Port Workers Union which has around 1,500 members, said workers are urged to refuse handling of Israeli goods and ships during the June 15-24 boycott.

Norway's military says it has canceled a special operations seminar because the Defense Ministry objected to the inclusion of an Israeli army officer in the program, AP reported.

"Court of Human Rights". Human rights??? Bwahahahaha..

A spokesman for Israel's foreign ministry said a dock action like the one being urged in Sweden was illegal, according to rulings by the European Court of Human Rights. Regarding the Norwegian incident, the spokesman said it was hard to see how barring individuals to international forums "would promote any good cause." LinkHere

Vietnam postpones Peres visit due to Gaza crisis

"Vietnam postponed on Saturday a visit by President Shimon Peres after condemning Israel for the bloody storming of an aid ship bound for Gaza.

Peres had been due in Vietnam on June 11 on a three-day visit.

"We have decided to postpone this visit due to the complex current situation," a Vietnamese foreign ministry source told AFP, adding that a new date had not been decided.

Israel is facing a diplomatic crisis over the botched raid in which its commandos killed nine Turkish activists in the Gaza-bound flotilla.

Vietnam "strongly" condemned the raid earlier, adding: "Such action has constituted a violation of international laws and escalated tension in the region." LinkHere

Protesters clash in Tel Aviv

Protests in London and Istanbul; Turkey opens probe into Israeli leaders.

A Special Place in Hell / The Second Gaza War: Israel lost at sea


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