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Saturday, January 15, 2011

G'Day From Down Under.

Horrific is the one word that I can use, the devastation is horrendous, not on the scope of Katrina in deaths, but just as horrendous in the scope of devastation. But today I am so proud to be an Australian so proud of my Country and my City, it was overwhelming to be out there and see my Country at work
Christy remember Katrina will anyone ever forget, not me you know I was there in spirit with you all, and will never forget the uncaring thugs that resided in the White House at that horrific time for so many of her citizens.
They should have been her in Brisbane the last two days believe me, it would have taught them how to work in a disaster, I know a lot of my friend over there were in the disaster of Katrina and the pain that was suffered and is still being suffered 5 or is it 6 years on
My cousins house went under in Yeronga, but we had been in there a day earlier, and removed all their possessions, but Nicole and Andreas house, his sister lost everything their house went totally under
They have volunteer centers in Brisbane, 4 main ones, one is in my street at the racecourse, the volunteers are being bused out to the suburbs they are carrying all their brooms shovels and the rest, they are doing 6 hour shifts. and they are still poring in as I type.
Kids the wonderful beautiful little citizens in their goloshers, working the streets with their parents wading in the slosh, and working their little hearts out, families coming up from the coast, where they are holidaying.
Kids at centers and home making cakes to serve with coffee for the workers, it is just amazing, and such a thrill for me to see, they now have washing brigades collecting washing for people.
All the big equipment is moving in now the trucks from everywhere you would not believe it, the heavy machinery to get it all of the footpaths,
amazing Tony just came back in from Yeronga on of the worst hit where my cousin lives and he said it is all gone can you believe that, all gone, that blows mind, Tony and I were their for six hours yesterday
He went back out to Booval too, that is not cleaned yet, we where there yesterday for six hours too, amazing Christy Nic and Andreas house was guttered by the time we left there is just the frame, not a nail left in the place
Tony worked for 12 hours straight no a break on the two houses 6 hrs on one and 6 hrs on the other took us and hour and a half to get trough traffic from one to the other, with the massive gurney, we dried his socks out the windows as we drove from one house to the other. it was hilarious should have seen the look and laughs we got
I had channel nine on today Christy, and one of the presenters mentioned Katrina, and made the same comment that I did, that they, the previous White House, should have been here in the last few days and they would have learned how to respect their citizens and their country, and I thought Amen to that, he didn't name names of course, but you know me and my big mouth, I don't give a shit.
God bless Australia and all her volunteer army, I was so proud and so emotional with all that I saw, and with all the volunteers that I met that gave of themselves


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