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Saturday, February 12, 2005

News From Iraq

17 Killed South Of Baghdad As Attacks Continue Police say the strike south of the capital killed at least 17 people and wounded another 16. They say it hit just outside of a hospital.

Six more bodies found in Iraq as attacks continue A hospital official in the Iraqi city of Mosul says officials have found the bodies of six Kurds who apparently worked as security guards.

Car bomb targeting U-S convoy kills Iraqi woman : U-S soldiers targeted in a car bombing in Baghdad have escaped injury but an Iraqi woman was killed and three others hurt.

Iraqi judge assassinated by gunmen in Basra: Member of the Court of Appeal in this southern Iraqi city Judge Taha Al-Ameer was assassinated Saturday by gunmen.

In pictures: Week of violence in Iraq : Scores of Iraqis have died in a week of attacks. Correspondents say violence is returning to pre-election levels.

Americans more upbeat about Iraq Americans are a bit more optimistic about Iraq's future, a bright spot for the administration in an Associated Press poll that indicates many are souring on President Bush's job performance.

Survey: Only 4 in 10 Americans know how many U.S. troops killed in Iraq Most Americans guess wrong when asked to estimate how many troops have died in the U.S. occupation of Iraq, a sign that many are giving scant attention to the nation's most dangerous military operation since the Vietnam War.

Americans try to paint over Iraqi ethnic tensions This is "Team Paint", set up by the U.S. military to obliterate many of the flags, symbols and slogans that cover the walls of Iraq's most ethnically diverse city.

The most powerful man in Iraq is an ayatollah with a website Grand Ayatollah Ali al- Sistani has never met an American official or soldier. He did not vote in Iraq’s elections last month. And yet this religious recluse could wield more influence over Iraq’s destiny than all the foreign troops and Iraqi politicians put together.


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