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Thursday, September 07, 2006

September 11, Afghanistan and “the survival of civilization”

Gabriele Zamparini, The cat's dream

On 20 September 2001 US President Bush addressing the Congress stated: "The United States respects the people of Afghanistan -- after all, we are currently its largest source of humanitarian aid…". On 7 October 2001 addressing the country Bush said: "At the same time, the oppressed people of Afghanistan will know the generosity of America and our allies. As we strike military targets, we'll also drop food, medicine and supplies to the starving and suffering men and women and children of Afghanistan. The United States of America is a friend to the Afghan people…" . Five years later the results of this respectful and generous friendship have been published by the Senlis Council, an international policy think tank with offices in Kabul, London, Paris and Brussels. "Afghanistan Five Years Later: The Return of the Taliban" reads: After five years of intensive international involvement in Afghanistan, the country remains ravaged by severe poverty and the spreading starvation of the rural and urban poor. Despite promises from the US-led international community guaranteeing to provide the resources and assistance necessary for its reconstruction and development needs, Afghanistan’s people are starving to death....

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