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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Storm breaks over attack on Irwin (CNN.COM)

Crazy Kangaroo, but he did a lot to preserve our land, bet this witch cant say she has done as much to preserve anything in Australia that is worth preserving. My students from all over the world love the Dude, his Zoo is the first place they head to, in their tours of Queensland, he is known World wide.
SYDNEY, Australia (CNN) -- Comments by academic Germaine Greer on the death of wildlife TV star Steve Irwin have triggered a storm of anger with the Australian author criticized for being "insensitive" and "elitist."

Greer, best known for her feminist book "The Female Eunuch", said Wednesday Irwin was an "embarrassment" and a "self-deluded animal torturer."

Irwin, who gained international fame for his "Crocodile Hunter" TV series, was killed Monday by a stingray barb while filming a wildlife documentary.

Speaking on Australian TV Channel Nine's "A Current Affair" news program Wednesday, Greer described those who mourned Irwin's passing as "idiots" and said possibly millions of Australians were embarrassed by him.

Well...please excuse THIS idiot, Mrs. Greer, for feeling like he had a connection to a very lovable man that, through his work, educated the public on the safe treatment of animals and their preservation/respect.

Irwin did a few things dumb (like the baby incident)...but all in all, he was a positive man on this Earth. I mourn his passing, and don't like being called an idiot for it.

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The World Today - Tuesday, 5 September , 2006 12:22:00
Reporter: Eleanor Hall

ELEANOR HALL: While Steve Irwin was best known for his daring displays with wildlife on screen and at his Queensland zoo, he also worked passionately on conservation projects out of the public glare.

In an attempt to preserve habitat for endangered animals, his conservation foundation bought up wilderness land in Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu and the United States. And the crocodile hunter convinced some other high profile Australians to join him as "wildlife warriors". One of those is former Cold Chisel lead singer, Jimmy Barnes.

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