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Sunday, November 05, 2006

EXCLUSIVE TO WMR: Marvin Bush's maid wanted to show him a video of her and President Bush. Moments later she was crushed to death by her own vehicle

My your President has been a busy little boy, while in office, and they impeached Bill, to bad they are both dead
wonder what happened to the video
WMR has obtained a copy of the Fairfax County police report on the mysterious death of First Brother Marvin Bush's maid, Bertha O. Champagne, in the driveway of Bush's Alexandria, Virginia home on September 29, 2003. >>>cont

Fairfax County Police Report on Bertha Champagne/Marvin Bush and the President Bush videotape. Note the police report fails to list a middle initial for Marvin Bush (no middle name). in fact, his middle name is Pierce.

Wayne Madsen Report scroll down page.
President George W. Bush Accused of Rape in Lawsuit?

by John BrownNews From Babylon [US]December 12th, 2002

Has "President" George W. Bush been accused of rape in court papers in the State of Texas? Is some kind of sex scandal brewing?

According to the documents inside this very article, it sure looks like he's being accused of a whole array of things by a person named Margie Schoedinger!

County Civil CourtFort Bend County, Texas

Plaintiff's Original Petition

Link to Original Document on Office of the County Clerk, Fort Bend County, Texas website (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software)

The Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit Against Bush

Update - Pravda picks the story upThe Bush Rape Story : Is the Media Ignoring Zippergate 2?WOMAN WHO FILED SEX SUIT AGAINST BUSH DEAD

Link Here Just Google You decide


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