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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Go Obama Go

The hosts of Fox and Friends are concerned that a program in Ohio which allows same-day registration and voting could provide opportunities for voter fraud or manipulation. "Before you could try and actually prove where they actually live," complained Gretchen Carlson, "if they're actually residents, or they're just Mary Poppins."
A one-week overlap in Ohio between the start of early voting and the end of voter registration provides a period during which it is possible to do both at the same time. The Obama campaign has been taking full advantage of this "Golden Week" to get its likely supporters to the polls, while Ohio Republicans have not done so and even sued in September to challenge the practice.
The Fox hosts spoke by phone to Shelby Holliday, a recent college graduate who blogs at Palestra.net, a "video-based college news network" associated with Fox News. Holliday reported on Tuesday that she had witnessed busloads of homeless people being brought in to vote.
Holliday told Fox she had interviewed people who "were telling me that they were with organizations that were picking homeless people off the streets and bringing them to the polls and encouraging them to vote."
"If they're bringing them out of a homeless shelter, what are they telling them is in it for them?" Steve Doocy asked Holliday."
The organizers are really just trying to help people who don't have ID's or don't have a permanent address to get out there and cast ballots," Holliday replied.


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