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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Former Waterboarders Join The Ranks Of The Unemployed (And The Rest Of Your Scritti Politti)

Ten Dollars says these guys used to pick on small animals when they were children.

Remind you of anyone else, the one that resided in the White House for eight years.
And you know another thing, away from the subject. About Iran it is hard to tell the difference in the 2000 election of Georgie to the White house , or Ahmadinejad in Iran in 2009. Georgie was selected by the supreme court in 2000, and Ahmadinejad was selected by Khamenei in 2009.
I sure as hell wish there was a revolution in 2000, and we would have been spared the war in Iraq a Sovereign Nation, Guantanimo, Torture, Katrina, and a World Wide Economy collapse
Dr. James Mitchell and Dr. Bruce Jessen
Soon to be on Fox news, or have a book out and a speaking tour. The real criminals in our country are not punished. Their made into celebrities.
Ahh, this recession. It's brought so many people so much misery, what with the rampant unemployment and the fact that we're all not eligible for TARP bailouts, for some reason. But I wonder who will spare a thought for the recently unemployed waterboarding experts? You've heard of James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, right? One day, they're straight up dunking terrorists, to find ticking time bombs. The next, they're just like everyone else, hunting for a job! The CIA has reportedly cut its ties to the two psychologists credited for being the architects of the CIA's brutal interrogation program after 9/11, a news report said yesterday. Dr. James Mitchell and Dr. Bruce Jessen, who suggested and supervised waterboarding at secret prisons around the world have been told their services are no longer needed. Mitchell and Jessen, according to their associates, boasted of being paid $1,000 a day by the CIA to oversee the use of the technique on top al Qaeda suspects.
Boasted! Hey, you would too! All that scrilla was "largely tax-free and did not include expenses, which the agency also paid for."
Nice work if you can get it, though you shouldn't be able to, because it's completely deranged!


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