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Monday, August 31, 2009

Democrats poised to lose 20 to 50 seats in House: analysts

And Obama didn't stand a chance against Hillary Clinton.
Put it this way: If Obama can pass a robust, government-run public health care option, then he will win re-election in a walk, and Democrats will gain seats in congress. If they don't pass a good public option, then the "experts" may be correct.
It all depends on if Democrats will act like Democrats, not sellouts to the private health care industry.
Kangaroo Down Under
Ain't that the truth Democrats are in hot water, according to political analysts quoted in Monday's Politico.
According to two key observers, Charlie Cook and 538.com's Nate Silver, Democrats are poised to lose "double-digit" seats in the House amid an increasingly bitter political climate.
Silver apparently stunned a liberal audience at the blogger convention Netroots Nation earlier this month, saying that the Republicans have a 25 to 33 percent chance of retaking the House. For both observers, such a happenstance seems unlikely, though first- and second-term Democrats appear particularly vulnerable LinkHere


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