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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RNC cancels Young Eagles events

Source: Politico

In the wake of a scandal around the Republican National Committee's sponsorship of an event at a racy Los Angeles club, the committee is putting parts of its Young Eagles program for younger donors on hold.

With traditional major donors shying away from Chairman Michael Steele, the younger donors, many from the finance industry, had increasingly become a mainstay of the committee. But their unconventional style, which included the L.A. event and a planned weekend at a training compound run by the company formerly known as Blackwater, have raised eyebrows.

The Los Angeles event has prompted the RNC to cancel its remaining plans — though the GOP is still hoping the young donors will raise money.

"We will ... be looking at staff structure and measures for checks and balances. We will devise a plan for moving FORWARD with the club," said a Republican official in an e-mail to members of the Young Eagles.


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