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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Clyburn: I'm 'Absolutely Appalled' By Paul's Civil Rights Act Criticism And Country Club Party

Source: Talking Points Memo

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) appeared on MSNBC this afternoon and really laid into Kentucky Republican Senate nominee Rand Paul over his criticism of the Civil Rights Act -- and the fact that Paul held his victory party Tuesday at a country club.

"I was absolutely appalled," Clyburn said.

"I could not believe that he was holding his victory party in a private members-only club where the vast majority of the people who just finished voting for him would not even be welcome," Clyburn said. "I couldn't believe that."

He ought to come clean with the American people and let us know exactly what it is he wants to do if he's elected to the United States Senate. He made himself the face, the spokesperson for the Tea Party movement at his victory party. LinkHere

FLASHBACK: Paul Campaign Spokesman Resigned Over Racism On Myspace Page

Controversy is swirling over Rand Paul's doctrinaire libertarian take on the civil rights legislation of the 1960s. But this is not the first time the Kentucky Republican's campaign has hit a bump in racially sensitive territory.
In December, Chris Hightower, the spokesman for Paul's senate campaign, was forced to resign after a liberal Kentucky blog discovered that his MySpace page had a comment posted around Martin Luther King Day that read: "HAPPY N***ER DAY!!!" above what appears to be a historical photo of the lynching of a black man.
The photo and comment appeared to have been posted to Hightower's MySpace page by a friend, not by Hightower himself. The comment has since been removed but at the time it was discovered by the local blog it had been up for nearly two years.
According to the Barefoot and Progressive blog, Hightower, who was also the frontman of a local Megadeth-style metal band called Commander, wrote a MySpace post referring to "Afro-Americans" titled "Blacks don't like my Napalm Death hoodie": LinkHere

The DNC also released a web ad midday on Thursday, hammering away at the Tea Party favorite.


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