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Monday, February 07, 2005

News from Iraq

22 Iraqi Officers and 14 Resistance Fighters Killed Near Baghdad : Elsewhere, one U.S. soldier from Task Force Baghdad was killed and two others were wounded Sunday afternoon

Suicide bomber kills 12 at Iraqi hospital: A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a hospital compound in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Monday, killing 12 policemen and injuring four others, hospital officials said.

Eight people killed in Baghdad car bombing: A car bomb exploded on Monday outside the police headquarters in the town of Baquba, north of Baghdad, killing eight people, hospital sources said.

Militant group kills Iraqi translator: Iraqi militant group Army of Ansar al-Sunna said it had shot dead an Iraqi translator working for U.S. forces and posted an Internet video of the killing on Monday.

Reporter's captors warn Italy to pull troops from Iraq : The purported kidnappers of an Italian journalist abducted in Iraq claimed they still were interrogating her and said they had given Rome a final warning to withdraw its troops from the country, according to a statement posted on the Internet Sunday.

Out with the old, in with the new : The Iraqi elections were designed not to preserve the unity of Iraq but to re-establish the unity of the west

Juan Cole: The Republicans' Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iraq: The Republican Party spin machine was bouncing around the airwaves like an overloaded washing machine on Sunday attempting to obscure from the American public that they had by their actions managed to install a Shiite religious ruling class in Iraq.

Unqualified medics 'did amputations': UNQUALIFIED US military medics stationed at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison reportedly carried out amputations and recycled used chest tubes. A Time magazine report today said staff also lacked medical supplies to treat inmates account, to cover up a homicide inside the jail.and that a medic was ordered, by one

Beware the euphoria about Iraq's election: History has a sober lesson for those intoxicated by the poll

UK troops `murdered Iraqi man: UP to seven British paratroopers are to be charged with murdering an Iraqi civilian, military sources revealed yesterday.

Iraqi Shia leaders demand Islam be the source of law: Iraq’s Shia leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Al Sistani and another top cleric on Sunday staked out a demand that Islam be the sole source of legislation in the country’s new constitution.

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