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Monday, April 19, 2010

Armed and angry, and demonstrating on the capital's edge

Militia movement will be packing heat at rally on the Potomac
Source: WaPo
Daniel Almond, a three-tour veteran of Iraq, is ready to "muster outside D.C." on Monday with several dozen other self-proclaimed patriots, all of them armed. They intend to make history as the first people to take their guns to a demonstration in a national park, and the Virginia rally is deliberately being held just a few miles from the Capitol and the White House.

The Atlanta area real estate agent organized the rally because he is upset about health-care reform, climate control, bank bailouts, drug laws and what he sees as President Obama's insistence on and the Democratic Congress's capitulation to a "totalitarian socialism" that tramples individual rights.

"What I think is important to note is that many of the speakers have really threatened violence, and it's a real threat to the rule of law," Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said of the program for the armed rally. "They are calling health care and taxes that have been duly enacted by a democratically elected Congress tyrannical, and they feel they have a right to confront that individually."

Those coming to the "Restore the Constitution" rally give Obama no quarter for signing the law that permits them to bring their guns to Fort Hunt, run by the National Park Service, and to Gravelly Point on the banks of the Potomac River. Nor are they comforted by a broad expansion of gun rights in several states since his election. LinkHere

These nuts are taking loaded weapons to a "Restore the Constitution" rally. Where were these fuck-bags when W. Bush was wiping his ass with the bill of rights?

This story is immensely disturbing. When Bush was doing his shit and we protested, we were told that he was the legal winner of the election and to just shut up and live with it. (This, even though he got a half-million votes fewer than Gore.) When we challenged the constitutionality of parts of the Bush agenda, were were labeled as seditionists and were asked "who the hell were we to judge what's constitutional. These things have to go through courts and be duly judged..." and that we weren't entitled to make our own judgments about what was constitutional or not and act on it.

Now that a negro's in charge, suddenly we have police and ex-military ready to judge on their own what's constitutional or not and selectively enforce - or worse, resist - those things they themselves judge as un-constitutional.

Someone convince me we're not seeing the beginning of the end of the Republic.

White Supremacist Rally Ends with Five Arrests Two Assaults(LA CA)

Source: LA Times

A white supremacist rally on the lawn of Los Angeles City Hall ended with a handful of arrests Saturday afternoon as counter-protesters showered police and white supremacists with rocks, bottles and other debris.

Update, 4:50 p.m.: All five people arrested were counter-protesters, police say.

A rally by 40 members of a group calling itself the National Socialist Movement drew hundreds of counter-protesters from throughout the region. In the hours leading up to the rally, where members called for the removal of all nonwhites from America's southwest, counter-protesters scuffled with people perceived to be sympathizing with the white supremacists' message.

One man, who sported Nazi tattoos, was severely beaten near City Hall while another man, who carried a confusing sign about religion with a scribbled swastika, was pummeled by a mob of people on Spring Street between 1st and 2nd.

The Los Angeles Police Department went on tactical alert during the event and took responsibility for escorting the white supremacists to and from the demonstration site. Earlier in the week the group had obtained a permit for the demonstration.

At the end of the rally, after 2:30 p.m., police escorted the white supremacists to the criminal courts building parking lot to get in their vehicles. However, one car failed to start. A crowd of counter-demonstrators ran to the lot and began hurling rocks and bottles into the parking lot's southwest corner, hitting cars and shattering glass. As some of the white supremacists held shields emblazoned with swastikas over their heads to protect them from the projectiles, others attempted to jump-start the car. LinkHere


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